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Amy Knight's commanding biography has successfully bridged this problem of the two realities. Yes, she says, Beria was evil, sinister, boorish, disgusting, totally without principle, guilty of atrocious crimes. The author challenges the view that Beria's ouster was a progressive step, saying: And above all, says Ms. Knight, Beria was ready to jettison a Communist East Germany and, according to a document drafted and signed by Beria June 2,to "work for the creation of a united, democratic, peace-loving and independent Germany.

Two weeks after this document was made known to the East German leadership, East Berlin workers rose up in rebellion against the Soviet occupation. For me, one of the most important questions about Beria is whether he was responsible for Stalin's death. His biographer thinks that members of the leadership, not merely Beria alone, "may have deliberately delayed medical treatment for Stalin-- probably for at least twelve to fourteen hours--when they knew he was seriously ill.