Ninja turtle meet a girl fanfic

TMNT Meets Their Match Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting, a ninja turtles fanfic | FanFiction

ninja turtle meet a girl fanfic

Leo Meets Venus. It's been a few hours since Venus left her sisters. knowing that they might fight like usual. Any way, on her stroll around New. The Ninja Turtles believed that they were the only ninjas in NY besides the Foot. to make the Turtles and/or OC's better, or this fanfic in general by PM. hide from Mikey as he fails to find me within one of the fire escapes. Yay! My first actual story TMNT fanfiction! Okay, so in this story, there are 4 superheroes (all girls), and they end up meeting the ninja turtles due.

That's what makes it fun! I see Raph in front of me.

ninja turtle meet a girl fanfic

Wha what are you doing? Karai, Raph," I say nervously. We're out there risking our necks, and you're up here holding hands with the Foot! Karai crosses her arms. I try to come up with a reasonable explanation.

I pull out my katana blades. For once, I'm glad he showed up. He strikes his plant hands at us, but Raph and I dodge. You're the leader again. Welcome back," Raph says quickly. Did he just give me back the role of the leader? We then try to tackle Snakeweed, but the mutant plant gains the upper hand and ties us up in his numerous appendages. I look around and see Karai, who isn't doing anything. She looks at me before throwing something. I close my eyes, but nothing happens.

Confused, I open my eyes and look up. She threw her Tanto into the wall right above my head… "Sayonara," she says cunningly before leaving. I cut myself free. I look down and see some containers. I got an idea," I order before running. I manage to freeze Snakeweed with a canister of liquid nitrogen, giving Raph enough time to leap in the air and shatter Snakeweed into miniscule pieces with his Sai. I walk up to my brother.

Good to be back. And uh, sorry," Raph replies, whispering that last word. I couldn't hear," I retort, putting my hand up to my ear. He turns to me. I hold my ear in pain. Didn't have to shout… "Apology accepted," I reply wearily. I run up to the rooftops. Where are you going? I turn to him. Come on, I'll explain on the way," I answer before heading to Amy's. Raoh and I appear at her window. I don't see her… Raph was about to shatter the window open, but I stop him.

He nods in understanding. I open the window and jump inside. This place is trashed…I see ice on the walls. Did Amy do this?

I walk slowly, following the ice. I look down on the floor and see a little blood. N-no don't tell me Amy…I look at another door, which was covered in ice.

I tap it and it breaks off just enough for me to open the door. This must be the kitchen, judging by the sink and fridge. I look around and see her. Amy's back was turned to me. She had on a pink nightgown. I walk up slowly to her. She stiffens at my voice. Turn around so I can see your face," I tell her. Turn around," I say sternly. And then, she slowly turned around to me. I gasp at her appearance.

Her eyes were red, probably from all the crying and her hair was a mess. You saw my face, now leave," she replies angrily. Go home, Leo," she tells me before walking to the door. I'm not letting her get away that easily. I grab her wrist and pin her to the wall. She closes her eyes and sighs. Don't you understand how worried I was? I was just so upset at my brothers not listening to me.

I took my anger on you, okay? Please…come back home," I say desperately, a tear rolling down my eye. She looks up at me with an emotionless look.

I hug her tightly, my tears flowing on my shoulder. I tried to be strong for her, but I couldn't do it. Then, I feel her arms around me. Surprised, I look down at her.

TMNT Girls Chapter 1: Leo Meets Venus, a teenage mutant ninja turtles fanfic | FanFiction

She smiles a little. Then, I noticed how close we were. Tell her how you feel I place a finger under her chin. It's now or never…I pull her into a sweet kiss. And it felt like time stopped. She made a surprised squeak, but that allowed my tongue to slither in her mouth. Kissing me back, she wraps her arms around my neck.

I smiled, which allowed her to roughly place her tongue on mine. I placed my hands on her cheeks, lightly caressing them. Amy put her hands on my wrists, gripping them tightly.

She was so warm, and so small, since she wasn't wearing her trademark boots. If it wasn't for the passionate moment we were having, I would've laughed.

ninja turtle meet a girl fanfic

Soon, we had to part, which disappointed me a little bit. Our foreheads were pressed together and our eyes were still shut. Both of us were breathing heavily. My hands roamed her face, lightly brushing against her features. Her soft skin, her round cheeks, and her small, cute nose.

I brush her bangs away from her face. She stayed still, relishing in my touch. Eventually, my fingers reached her lips. I touched them softly, as if they were fragile.

ninja turtle meet a girl fanfic

Did I really just kiss her? Did I really just do that? I open my eyes and Amy gives me a little smile.

I just said that out loud, didn't I? Every time she giggles, I go crazy… I gave her a soft peck on the lips. I hear someone snickering. We turn to see Donnie and Raph. I feel my face going red. I growl and stand up. I can't believe it happened…we kissed. I blush a bright red just thinking about it.

I see Leo with his brothers. Mikey got injured by Snakeweed at his lair, and now Leo was holding a slice of pizza in his hands. Mikey sniffs it and sits up. I roll my eyes in amusement. Is there anything he won't do for pizza?

Raph hugs his brother. Don't scare me like that, buddy! I thought we lost you! Aww… "Dudes, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt the stuff in the sewer was made out of-" Donnie stops him.

ninja turtle meet a girl fanfic

It was just a dream," Donnie answers sheepishly. What was that all about? Leo clears his throat at Raph and gestures his head to me. Raph turns to me, and it looked like he was hiding something behind his back.

Is the hothead trying to, I don't know, apologize? He narrows his eyes at him. But don't think I'll do that next time," he retorts.

I kept trying your T-Phone, but you weren't answering. I was worried about your safety. We do need you. And, I got you something," he answers, pulling out a green bow from behind me.

I take it from him and put it in my hair. I touch it as it was precious. And don't worry, stuff happens," I reply. Raph and Leo step away to talk. I decide to leave it alone, since it was none of my business.

I turn to my laptop and start listening to music. I hum to the rhythm. I felt someone tap me. Pulling out an earbud, I turn to see Leo.

I blush and so does he. He glares at them and takes my hand. He leads me away from them. I gasp in shock. My brothers and I have patrolled the city more cautiously as ever in hope to avoid people still shaken from the invasion. Not that we haven't done so before, but I don't want my brothers and I have to worry about people hunting "giant alien turtles" in the city.

But for now, I let my brothers convince me —thanks to Mikey's famous puppy dog face- to take the rest of the patrol off and play Ninja Tag for the night. At the moment, I manage, as always, hide from Mikey as he fails to find me within one of the fire escapes. This is going to be too easy. Down a dark alley, I still hear the screams, but…no one is in sight. I scan the alley to see nobody of any kind of danger whatsoever. I jump down to the alley and find a small, thin speaker implanted on the brick wall.

I try to pull out the small thing, but accidentally break in half in the process. Who would do this? In fast haste, I climb to the top of the building and search the empty roof carefully. What is your purpose? But when I get down here, there was nobody here. When I checked the alley out, there was nothing but a small speaker placed on the wall.

Don't be so pushy! Slowly, the door opens and a small, dark figure emerge from the shadows. Once the mystery person comes out, all of us look at them with shock confusion.

The brown-skinned kunoichi is heavily clothed in black, with a few bright yellow highlights with her outfit and her short, black hair held I short ponytail and bangs on her forehead.

Her black top only exposed her stomach and arms with only black gloves covering her hands. From her yellow belt held her short, baggy black pants that went no further above knee, with her black cloths clothed her legs below them. On her feet held black and yellow flat shoes. On her elbows and knees has on metal pads. The ninja's nose and mouth is covered by a black mask, only exposing her big, cat-like dark brown eyes.

Suddenly she saw a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness. Instead of a reply a deep growl came. She heard thudding footsteps and the swishing of a long tail. Suddenly a pair of jaws snapped out at her. But it was so dark she couldn't see where she was going. She decided to stick as close to the dimly lit parts of the tunnel as possible.

The giant creature was still after her his hot breath blowing on her short legs. He snapped at her time and time again always missing because she kept changing course.

Suddenly out of nowhere a figure was on top of the beast trying to take him down. The figure finally hit a spot on the creature's neck and it fell unconscious to the ground. The figure hopped off it and walked towards the girl. He sounded like a kid. The boy stopped right outside the circle of dim light.

He looked up to get a closer look at the girl. He was shocked at what he saw. Are you a turtle? I can't believe it, a girl mutant turtle, I'm a turtle too see. He had an orange bandanna wrapped around his head. His eyes were a bright blue, and at that moment them seemed to be dancing with excitement.

The boy likewise looked her over. She had a peach bandanna wrapped around her head, and her blue eyes showed amazement and awe in them.