Alonso massa relationship trust

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alonso massa relationship trust

Felipe Massa has been forced to backtrack on comments he made way the relationship I'll have with Fernando when we will be teammates.". Ferrari want Felipe Massa to start taking points away from Renault's world champion Fernando Alonso now that the Brazilian has secured his. Fernando Alonso is widely considered to be the best all-rounder in Formula One. Next year, with Felipe Massa confirming his departure on Twitter, he'll . With the trust broken, there's an inevitable McLaren Civil War, and it.

The champagne smells nice. We're very happy with Felipe, we can see lots of potential and he just needs to develop and work with the team more closely. We've seen the problems Rubens has had adapting to a new team.

Smedley: Alonso "faster than you" order changed Massa

It does take drivers and engineers and the whole team a little while to adjust, however good you are. Based on today's performance, it was very encouraging.

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That had come in Malaysia, where he finished fifth after starting last on the grid. Here he was third so I think he is doing a very good job," he said. That said, he felt comparisons with Schumacher, Alonso and Raikkonen were slightly unfair. I think Felipe is among the best behind those three," he said.

alonso massa relationship trust

But his greatness was already evident when he drove in the yellow, green and blue of Benetton F1 How to create a new F1 legends series It's been tried before, but rarely does it become a success. When Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost conducted their spectacular vendetta 20 years ago, they were fighting for nothing less than the world championship. Every time the feud between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa boils over, however, the Englishman and the Brazilian tend to be squabbling over a minor placing: But those relatively lowly placings may offer a partial explanation of what is going on.

For two men who were fighting each other for the championship three years ago, the last couple of seasons have been vastly disappointing.

alonso massa relationship trust

After one title had been torn from his grasp, Massa expected to be fighting for more. Hamilton had envisaged his first championship as the start of a series.

alonso massa relationship trust

Now they find themselves seething with a dangerous frustration. Thanks to mishaps in qualifying sessions, a disenchanted Hamilton has also found himself starting races further down the grid than usual. In the rush to regain what he sees as his rightful place at the front of the race, he has taken risks — particularly against Massa, in a manner suggesting that he does not believe the Brazilian should have been in a position to challenge him in the first place. Drivers have disliked each other in the past.

James Hunt and Mario Andretti nurtured a mutual dislike that came to a head when they crashed at Zandvoort inwhile Andretti was trying to take the lead from Hunt around the outside of a corner.

alonso massa relationship trust

More relevantly, perhaps, there was a sour relationship between Hamilton and Fernando Alonso inwhen the Spaniard joined McLaren as a double world champion, only to discover that he had walked into a team in which an English rookie was the great hope.

Any negative view of Hamilton already held by Massa may have deepened when Alonso joined him at Ferrari last year. It's never desirable for there to be a personal antagonism between two guys who're racing cars close to each other at plus miles an hour.

alonso massa relationship trust

It can be a problem when you know that a guy you're racing against has a problem with you. There was a total lack of trust between Senna and Prost, and Piquet was someone who went out of his way to upset people as part of a general approach to life.

But a lot of it is bluster, like a couple of guys squaring up to each other outside a pub.

Ferrari challenge Massa to beat Alonso

It always seems to be a bit futile. In India, for example, there was no consensus. Some sided with the stewards, who concluded that Massa should have left room for Hamilton to overtake him on lap