Boss employee relationship stories podcast

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boss employee relationship stories podcast

With all your other activities, why start a podcast now? I learned was they actually evaluate employees on whether they criticize their boss. 12 fashion podcasts to entertain and educate you while commuting to work True story: “I schemed my way into having sex with my boss to get a promotion” I could tell that Alex wanted to have a sexual relationship with me but I was a seriously good worker – I knew my stuff, I put in the overtime, and I. How to deal with a bad boss depends on the situation. employees—and promote incompetent team members—in order to keep themselves studied bad bosses, as well as some more bad-boss horror stories from people . Podcast: Our Most Popular Advice on Improving Relationships with Colleagues.

Getting him to recommend me for a promotion at the end of my first year. As my supervisor, he was the only one who could recommend to his bosses that I be promoted, so he was certainly important to nailing my career goals. My attempts to seduce Alex were subtle. Besides, I knew he liked me anyway, so he was like putty in my hands. I lapped up his sweet talk, engaged in lunchtime chitchat with him, and even accepted his after-work drink invitations.

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I could tell that Alex wanted to have a sexual relationship with me but was holding himself back for fear of coming across as unprofessional. But I encouraged him by asking him for rides home after work, inviting him out to drinks with my friends on Saturday nights, and even suggesting that we become gym buddies.

The more time we spent together, the more attached he got to me. From colleagues to lovers Several months after I started working for the company, Alex confessed that he had fallen for me. We also started to behave more professionally around each other, so gone were the jokes and flirtatious banter. The more serious things got between us, the more I tried to press Alex for his thoughts about recommending me for a more senior position with better pay and more perks. I was a seriously good worker — I knew my stuff, I put in the overtime, and I presented myself well to clients.

I had not become physical with Alex yet at this point.

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Mindful of my suggestion that we take things slow, he held back from making any moves. But now I was ready to do it with him. One weekend, I booked a staycation for us at a hip boutique hotel. We had sex pretty much the entire time, not even leaving our room to eat. The sex was quite sensational, I must admit — Alex was an attentive and generous lover who knew what to do to get me going. Our sexual relationship intensified over the next couple of months.

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We usually had sex at his place, although sometimes we would book a hotel room for a night and just do it there. Sure, I liked Alex enough to do it — but I just wanted that promotion recommendation, and soon.

boss employee relationship stories podcast

The more one understands failure, the more one can turn it into a success story. I hope anyone who leads a project listens to this episode.

The lessons here would pay off dividends a thousand times over. Jim June 6, 4: However, a certain element that needs to be considered as a part of this is the frequency and impact of individual failures.

Spending too much time thinking about failure scenarios can cause paralysis when it comes to actually getting the work done. If he had noisily resigned would they have launched? Shane L June 6, The victorious allies thought they knew how to fight and win a major war so they were not as eager to innovate and find new ways of fighting. Germany, though, had learned through failure that it needed to innovate.

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Hence its military was very effective in the early stages of World War II. David June 6, 7: I have one concern about this, however: If employees can actually benefit monetarily by predicting failure, that could motivate them to sabotage the project, so they can collect.

Eric Collis June 6, I wanted to point out 1 thing about the pre-mortem. The basic process is to look at each individual process step, or component, or step in a project and think of all the things that can go wrong, then assess the likelihood that it would go wrong, the severity of the failure and the way you can detct it before failure.

The highest risk items are then addressed through engineering changes, controls or testing. I am sure an FMEA was actually performed on the solid rocket boosters for the shuttle. The problem is that a pre-mortem or FMEA does not guarentee success, because someone still has to pay attention to the findings and follow through. Go fever is a much bigger threat, it causes smart people to ignore data and common sense.

Thats how space shuttles blow up and cars get recalled after being in production for years. Not because no one understood the risk, but because even knowing the risk there was a go decision. I have actually written a goal for myself to better understand "Go Fever" and maybe think up a good mthodoloy to try to reduce it's risk for my orginization. JustMe June 7, Many on the board have a bad case if Go Fever and do not want to hear dissenting opinions or negative talk.

I feel like I and a couple other board members are just beating our heads against the wall. I'm about ready to go back to the cheap seats and get the popcorn concession while waiting for the impending doom.

boss employee relationship stories podcast

Mark June 8, 1: The pre-mortem seems like a less rigorous version at first glance. Greg Smith June 9, 4: I am an engineer. I might be wrong but I suspect we were only getting half the story about the failure of the O-Ring. In the sense that history is written by the victors or the guy that was right. The general public is mostly protected from the truth that all engineering decisions come with some risk.

To cut to the chase: What if to get an acceptable level of safety the entire Apollo program should have been cancelled, or delayed by ten years. Would you go back in time and cancel it if you could?

boss employee relationship stories podcast

There is no way they were rigorously testing every little item back in Plus is it OK to draw conclusions from the study of the one flight that failed.

Isn't that sample bias? Stefan Ericsson June 9, Just a quick comment from overseas about the next one.