Claire francis underwood relationship

The unholy union of Frank and Claire Underwood

claire francis underwood relationship

'House Of Cards' Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood (Kevin and why they've stuck together this long — including relationship experts. The new season of House of Cards is live this week and Claire and Frank Underwood have to be one of the most fascinating on-screen relationships when it. Frank and Claire always seemed like the OTP of House of Cards; no matter how Their once-intimate connection was starting to deteriorate.

During her campaign for the bill, a secret from her college days emerges: She had earlier had an uncomfortable encounter with McGinnis at a White House dinner, during which she had told Frank what the general had done to her. She then converts the focus on that issue into political support that becomes critical to the Underwoods' ascension to the Oval Office. Claire becomes increasingly ruthless as the season progresses. When Gillian Cole Sandrine Holta pregnant former employee, returns to demand health care as part of her severance, Claire says, "I am willing to let your child wither and die inside you, if that's what's required, Am I really the sort of enemy you want to make?

She shows remorse for her actions only once. When another of McGinnis' victims, Megan Hennessy Libby Woodbridgecomes forward, Claire uses her as the poster girl for the sexual assault bill, leaving the fragile young woman open to public scrutiny and reprisals from the bill's opponents.

Before she can testify about her ordeal before Congress, however, Megan suffers a breakdown and attempts suicide.

Upon realizing what she has caused Megan to go through, Claire bursts into tears. Walker keeps Frank as his Vice President, allowing Frank to succeed him when he resigns. She remains an enigma even as she reveals more and more disturbing secrets from her past. He nominates her, but the Senate rejects her after a rocky hearing. During Frank's election campaign, Claire begins to question whether she still loves him.

In the season finale, she and Frank get into an ugly fight in which she says he is not enough for her; Frank replies that without him, she is nothing. Season three ends with Claire leaving Frank as he prepares to go to the New Hampshire primary. Frank persuades her to resume public appearances with him by promising to support her run. However, he sandbags her prospective candidacy by endorsing a political ally's daughter, in order to keep Claire focused on his campaign.

Claire retaliates on the day the South Carolina primary by covertly leaking a photo of Frank's father with a Klansmanimperiling Frank's candidacy. Frank figures out that she was behind the leak and confronts her.

Claire calmly admits what she did and proposes that she join him in the ticket as his vice president. Frank rejects the idea.

claire francis underwood relationship

Shortly thereafter, Frank is shot by Lucas Goodwin Sebastian Arcelusin an assassination attempt, and falls into a coma. While Frank is receiving a liver transplant, she declines going to the hospital in favor of negotiating a treaty with Petrov, and strong-arms him into accepting the U.

When Frank recovers from surgery, he agrees to let Claire be his vice president.

claire francis underwood relationship

He and Claire advocate for a controversial gun control bill for the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere divisive enough to pick off the potential running mates. In the ensuing open conventionthey publicly endorse Secretary of State Catherine Durant Jayne Atkinson for the job, while working behind the scenes to undermine her and ensure that Claire wins enough delegates to be nominated.

Meanwhile, she reluctantly honors her mother's request to help her die. She and Frank then use the public sympathy from Elizabeth's death to win the nomination; they are now running mates.

Al Ahmadi reneges on the deal, however, and tells them to kill the hostages.

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At the same time, journalist Tom Hammerschmidt Boris McGiver publishes an investigative news story detailing Frank's crimes.

Claire gives Frank the idea to declare war on ICO and allow the public to see the hostage die in order to distract from the scandal and create an atmosphere of widespread fear that they can exploit.

Throughout the beginning, she helps make the campaign's focal point about the fear of ICO and how they can stop the threat. On Election Day, Claire and Frank learn that they may lose because of low voter turnout. They exploit a possible terrorist threat to close down multiple polling centers in key states, such as Ohio.

This leading to numerous states filing lawsuits and refusing honoring the election results. Nine weeks later, with neither side winning the majority of electors, the House now Republican-controlled will decide the President and the Senate Democrat-controlled for the Vice President, the first instance of this happening for the President since the presidential election and the first time for the Vice President since the presidential election.

claire francis underwood relationship

Claire eventually wins when Blythe issues a bill to block any filibuster in the Senate; while the House cannot reach a majority. In the meantime, Claire is sworn in as Acting President of the United States and begins to exert her limited power by excluding Frank from certain presidential functions, such as the swearing-in of the new Justice of the Supreme Court.

During her short-lived presidency, a truck with nuclear energy goes missing and puts D.

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Claire is also faced with a series of diplomatic crises: Russian soldiers have also taken over an American base, and the Russians and Chinese are vying for possession of a boat in Antarctica that has a stowaway American working for the Russians. After making a deal with the Chinese, Claire orders for the boat to be destroyed so that neither the Chinese nor the Russians can get what is on board.

Around this time, Claire agrees to an open election in Ohio for not only the President, but also the Vice President, in order to avoid a possible Conway-Underwood administration.

claire francis underwood relationship

Ambassador to the United Nations. Contents Biography Early life Claire Hale Underwood was very close to her father; her mother stating: This paternal closeness resulted in a strained relationship with her mother, Elizabeth Hale. As Claire moved from childhood to adolescence this strain turned to estrangement. Claire Underwood's mother always told her to frown less and smile more but never considered her personal feelings were in the way of her happiness; she just couldn't smile from the inside out.

Her parents were referred to as being very wealthy and she has come from generations of ranchers.

Claire Underwood

Before attending Radcliffe she went to school at the prestigious Phillips Academy. Claire was sexually assaulted by a classmate, future General Dalton McGinnisduring her freshman year at Radcliffe. Despite media suggestions, Claire refers to her childhood as a happy one.

In the third season Chapter 32 it is revealed that Claire was 22 years old when she and Francis got married, 28 years prior. Therefore, Claire was born in with high certainty. Education Claire earned her bachelor's degree in environmental health and chemistry at Radcliffe College and her master's degree in public health at Harvard University.

At Radcliffe, Claire met Frank Underwood.

The unholy union of Frank and Claire Underwood

The couple agreed not to have children, and in the finale of Season 1it was revealed that Claire has had three abortions. Through an interview in Season 2it was revealed that Claire's rapist is now a General in the military, and Claire falsely claimed she had an abortion afterwards in order not to reveal to the public that she aborted Frank's child during his first campaign.

claire francis underwood relationship

During the military gala where McGinnis was to be given an award for his military deeds, Claire tells Frank the story behind freshman year, to which he reacts furiously. A charity non-profit organisation intended on bringing clean, drinkable water across developing, impoverished countries.