Did himym earn its ending relationship

How I Met Your Mother finale had a big problem: Alyson Hannigan

did himym earn its ending relationship

Alyson Hannigan reveals her frustration with How I Met Your Mother finale “I was bummed they didn't just make it a two-hour season-ender. It's no secret that I love How I Met Your Mother -- in fact, rarely a day has gone by over the past nine years when I haven't quoted or referred to. How I Met Your Mother is the beautiful story about how Ted Mosby met the Despite the show revolving around Ted ending up with The Mother, Robin is . If there was one sign that Ted and Robin's relationship did not make.

All the complex character development we saw throughout the series with Barney came to a cumulative point right there and then: His baby changed him in a way a woman never could.

did himym earn its ending relationship

His character developed into a calmer, more rational man who realized that the perfect love might not last forever. Because the final development of his character was learning to not be the man who lived in his stories: The story of how he met Tracey finally ended, and the rest of his life began.

did himym earn its ending relationship

Okay, well, the series DID technically end with Ted meeting the mother. Tracey took a while to show up but she was present in the show for years before we met her. Only by meeting the mother could Ted finally get the hell over her.

While it may have been perfect and ideal for Ted to have spent the rest of his life happy with Tracey, life is neither perfect nor ideal. The characters have always just done the best with what they had. If Ted and Robin were going to end up together why did it take nine seasons? When it comes to Ted's love life, often the gang can spot things are amiss before he does -- for example, when he gets back together with his painstakingly pretentious ex from college, Karen.

Alyson Hannigan reveals her frustration with How I Met Your Mother finale

Love is blind and sometimes we only see what we want to see. This is why you should always keep your good friends close. They want what's best for you, whether you can see it at the time or not. The "crazy eyes" are totally real - Listening to your intuition is an important part of dating.

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You never know who you'll end up with - [Spoiler Alert] At the beginning of Season One we never would have guessed that Robin would end up with Barney, but it happened. In fact, at various points throughout the show, several characters including Ted himself thought that Ted and Robin were destined to be together even though as viewers we knew she was not The Mother.

I can't tell you how many times this has played out in my life or the lives of my friends. Friends that I thought had "perfect relationships" have since split and moved on to new partners that are much better matches. This just goes to show that you can't predict love. That womanizing, suit-obsessed guy that you currently don't take seriously may just be the love of your life While he did eventually get over his issues, it is hypocritical that he let her off the hook so easily.

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Since both Ted and Robin have failed relationships, they decided to make an agreement together. They promised each other that if neither of them were married by the time they each turned 40, that they would marry each other. While this is sometimes seen in movies and other shows, there is one big question - does it ever end well? Why would two people who did not work well together in a relationship make a pact like this?

It is only setting themselves up for trouble. Ted and Robin first make this pact in season three and would hang on to it until near the end of the series. Ted Mosby is not one to let things go very easily, especially when it comes to Robin.

They did not go through with it because, according to Robin they were "all talk". Despite being in a very serious relationship for over a year, they never wind up living together as a couple. It is only afterward when Robin does not have a place of her own that Ted invites her to move in.

Robin takes over Marshall and Lily's old room, and lives with her ex-boyfriend for several months.

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Given their history together, living together did not make much sense. It was very nice for Ted to offer Robin a place to live, but that does not make it any less awkward. With so much history together, is it not strange that exes are so incredibly close? While it does not appear out of the ordinary to any of the core group members, onlookers see this dynamic as very odd. In fact, there are several other new significant others of both Ted and Robin who mention the situation.

Considering Robin's history with both Ted and Barney, it makes little sense that they spend little time apart. Perhaps one of those relationships would have worked out later if they did not spend every waking moment together. If anyone ever wanted a straight-shooter, they should go to Robin Scherbatsky. Unfortunately, Ted is never really looking for someone to point out the negatives in his life. Or should Ted not be so sensitive with feedback?

It seems as though each time there was a small hiccup in her relationship with Barney, that she would second guess everything and fall back into a relationship with Ted.

All it would take is the combination of Ted being available to her and Barney lying to her to make her completely re-think her wedding. Perhaps she was just looking for an excuse to leave the wedding behind all along?