Emotional freedom technique relationship advice

emotional freedom technique relationship advice

EFT for Love Relationships is a week online coaching course designed to “ Dawson Church did an absolutely superb job of teaching EFT, guiding us . do not provide medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. Explore Tania Prince's board "EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique" on Pinterest. a Business Acupressure, Acupuncture, Eft Tapping, Health And Fitness Tips. EFT is one of the most efficient and effective forms of healing in practice today. In simplest terms, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that we don't use We provide marriage counseling, relationship therapy, family therapy.

You should be able to successfully treat many problems by diligently applying the following instructions. If you are not getting the results you would like, or you have a particularly traumatic issue, please do not give up! Instead, consider consulting with an EFT professional. Many of these therapists even offer a free minute phone session in which you can ask them questions to see if you connect.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - Emotional Health

They have the slight advantage of me personally showing them the tapping points, but you should be able to pick up these points relatively quickly. With a little practice, you will be performing each round in under a minute.

While it is important to tap the correct area, you need not worry about being absolutely precise, as tapping the general area is sufficient. It's All in the Fingertips The first thing to understand is that you will be tapping with your fingers.

emotional freedom technique relationship advice

There are a number of acupuncture meridians on your fingertips, and when you tap with your fingertips you are also likely using not only the meridians you are tapping on, but also the ones on your fingers. Traditional EFT has you tapping with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger and with only one hand. Either hand works just as well. Most of the tapping points exist on either side of the body, so it doesn't matter which side you use, nor does it matter if you switch sides during the tapping.

For example, you can tap under your right eye and, later in the tapping, under your left arm.

Basic Steps to Your Emotional Freedom

I modified this approach slightly by having you use both hands and all your fingers, so that they are gently relaxed and form a slightly curved natural line. The use of more fingers allows you to access more of the acupuncture points. When you use all your fingers you will cover a larger area than just tapping with one or two fingertips, and this will allow you to cover the tapping points more easily.

However, many obtain quite successful results with the traditional one-handed two-finger approach. You can use either method, but I tend to use my modified version in an effort to be more complete.

emotional freedom technique relationship advice

Ideally, you will want to use your fingertips, not your finger pads as they have more meridian points. However, if you have long fingernails you should use your finger pads. You should also remove your watch and bracelets, as that will interfere with your use of the wrist meridian tapping.

You should tap solidly, but never so hard as to hurt or bruise yourself. If you decide to use both hands, I recommend slightly alternating the tapping so that each hand is slightly out of phase with the other and you are not tapping with both hands simultaneously. This provides a kinesthetic variant of the alternating eye movement work that is done in EMDR and may have some slight additional benefit.

When you tap on the points outlined below, you will tap about five to seven times. The actual number is not critical, but ideally should be about the length of time it takes for one full breath. There is probably a distinct benefit for tapping through one complete respiration cycle. Please notice that these tapping points proceed down the body.

That is, each tapping point is below the one before it. That should make it a snap to memorize. A few trips through it and it should be yours forever. However, unlike TFT, the sequence is not critical. You can tap the points in any order and sequence, just so long as all the points are covered. It just is easier to go from top to bottom to make sure you remember to do them all.

Remove Your Glasses and Watch Prior to Tapping Glasses and watches can mechanically and electromagnetically interfere with EF, so I advise everyone to remove them prior to tapping. For quick sessions conducted upon yourself, this is not critical, as you can easily tap around them, but I think there is always a benefit to removing them when possible. Using EFT in Public: I resent [name your partner] so much Under Nose: I feel like I am losing [name your partner] Top of Head: Once those feelings have subsided, begin again at the eyebrow point.

I know that we can find an answer Side of Eye: I know we can finally figure this out Under Eye: Who am I kidding? I allow myself the space to find the way Collar Bone: I allow [name your partner] the space to find the way Under Arm: Our love is bigger than our anger Top of Head: Our love is stronger than our sadness Eyebrow: Our love is deeper than our fear Side of Eye: Our love is more important than whatever happened in the past Under Eye: I choose to let love lead us to the answers Under Nose: And we both care for each other deeply Top of Head: Our love can lead us to the answer How do you feel?

emotional freedom technique relationship advice

One of the biggest and most common problems we face when we reach a stalemate with our partner is that we tend to react to our disagreement with anger, sadness or fear. You have to let your love come first. When we do this, a magical thing happens: